Sage UBS is the most popular and most used accounting product in Malaysia. After 25 year, Sage UBS Accounting will now be permanently joined together with another module, Billing. Therefore, the minimum product available in the market will be Sage UBS Accounting & Billing. It's the same price, and you as a customer will get even more features, and that is great proposition.

Sage UBS Accounting as a standalone product will be retired retired and replaced with Sage UBS Accounting and Billing. If you have been one of the over 500,000 users and a fan or UBS Accounting, show your support by clicking the picture below and like it on Facebook. Ensure your name is recorded down in history!

Why add the Billing to Accounting?

The purpose of our strategic decisions is always in consideration of our customers first. Given the coming implementation of GST in Malaysia, documentation is a very important factor, especially in invoicing, namely the tax invoice. We believe that providing a fundamentally essential tool to our customers is the least we can do to ensure and execute our responsibility to our customers and market.

GST Act – Section 33 Issuance of a Tax Invoice

  • A Tax Invoice allows a buyer to claim for Input Tax Credit. (ITC)
  • The following criteria must be fulfilled for a proper Tax Invoice.
    • The word Tax Invoice is in a prominent place.
    • The invoice is a serialized number.
    • The date of the invoice issuance.
    • The name, address, GST identification number of the supplier.
    • The name of the address of the buyer.
    • The description sufficient to identify the goods and services supplied.
    • For each description, the quantity of goods or the extend of all the services and the amount payable including tax.
    • Any discounts offered.
    • The total amount payable excluding tax, the rate of the tax, and the total chargeable to be shown separately.
    • The total amount payable including the tax chargeable.
    • Any amount if converted into Malaysian currency (RM) if expressed in a foreign currency.
    • State separately the gross total amount payable in respect of each supply and rate. (i.e. separate amount for exempt, zero, standard or other supplies)

Lost or Misplaced Tax Invoices

  • 128. If a tax invoice is lost or replaced, a recipient may request the supplier to issue a replacement copy of the tax invoice marked as "COPY ONLY" or "DUPLICATE." This procedure is necessary to enable the recipient to meet the documentary requirement for claiming input tax. 
  • Print Control 

GST Act – Section 35 Credit Note and Debit Note

  • No skipping /missing serial numbers used.
  • All adjustments must be handled via the issuance of Credit/Debit Notes
    • Reason appropriately applied.
    • Linked Tax Invoice number and date

What does it mean for me?

  • If you have an active Sage Cover contract, congratulations. You will be getting a FREE billing module in the next 2-3 months. We will be updating you on instructions on how you will be updated with this new feature. Please remember to keep your Sage Cover contract active to enjoy the benefit.
  • If your Sage Cover has lapsed, you will need to upgrade your software license. We are already providing an upgrade from Accounting direct to Accounting & Billing for the same price. Take advantage of the current 50% promotion in April to get yourself up to par for GST.
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