UBS Point Of Sale (POS) is a PC-based comprehensive cash register specially designed for retail outlets and service-oriented businesses. Sage POS 2013 is simple to use and works with plug and play barcode scanners. Now with touch screen technology, sales transactions can be registered in a few steps, making it very suitable for small retailers, restaurants and food & beverage outlets.

Sage POS 2013 is one of the first local products to be integrated directly to Electronic Credit Card Terminals (ECCT), therefore sales involving credit card and / or debit cards can be processed quickly thus saving time and reducing errors. Sage POS 2013 makes it easy to monitor credit card sales and daily financial returns, leaving you more time to serve your customer and improve sales. Product Overview Design specially for businesses to manage a combination of rental and counter sales activities, it can register all transactions at check out counter by using a scanner or POS keyboard. It is able to provide up-to-date inventory level information, sales personnel performance analysis, loyalty program, peak customer period analysis, and receiveables analysis.


Sage UBS POS Features


Features Availability Sage UBS POS
Retail stores  
Bar & Nightclubs  
Easy and intuitive point of sale screen  
Percentage discount and fixed price discount  
Multiple payment types (cash, credit card, debit card, members point, gift check, etc)   
Split payments  
Return and exchange handling   
Customizable receipt header and footer  
Barcode scanning  
Prints on both POS receipt printer and standard printer  
Easily-searchable items by name or stock number (Partial / complete)  
Product image and thumbnail  
Unlimited tax types, and flexible tax handling for selected items  
Single-click Today's Summary  
Cash register mode  
Unlimited Transactions (2G/ file)  
Unlimited Stores (Locations)  
Unlimited users with roles-based support  
Consolidation of store sales at head office  
Track salesman perfomance  
Layaway feature (on hold)  
Credit Card Payment integration (ECCT)  
Table Service (reservations)  
Multiple barcodes support  
Tracks cost history and price history  
Instant stock card (transaction history) showing movement of every item  
Picture and image for every item  
Search by name or stock number  
Inventory showing on-stock, out-of-stock or negative stock items  
Inventory showing fast-moving, slow-moving and non-moving items  
Tracks supplier/vendor purchases and returns  
Automatically computes average cost, while items are received from vendors  
Automatically computers average cost, while items are received fro vendors  
Adjustments of items  
Unlimited Products  
Upload Products from CSV format (Excel Compatible)  
Export Products to CSV format  
Support for Inter-branch transfer, tracking in-transit and received items.  
Product tagging support, Search by Tag  
One-click Todays Sales Summary showing key performance indicators  
Top products Reports and Graphs  
Monthly Sales Reports and Graphs  
Daily Sales Reports and Graphs  
Hourly Sales Reports and Graphs  
Payments Collected Reports and Graphs  
Monthly Profit Reports and Graphs  
Customer database  
Customer purchase history  
Sales analysis by tag  
Compare sales of different branches   
Consolidates sales of all branches at head office  
Salesman performance graph and report  

Offline Support - A desktop companion software to allow POS to continue functioning

even if Internet is not available


Multi-lingual - Support for languages other than English, such as Spanish and Chinese,

to allow users to choose the language most suitable to them.




    • It provide essential and relevant information for retail owners to effectively and efficiently run their businesses.
    • It provides customer trend analysis
    • Historical data is archived instantly. There is no fear of losing valuable data.
    • Security management. It minimizes risks in losing cash, product items and data due to pilferages.


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