The most popular accounting software in Malaysia,Singapore,Brunei and other ASEAN countries with over 500,000 users. Sage UBS offer business solutions that make it easier for our customers to manage their business processes resulting in lower operational costs and reduce risk, leading to a more profitable and sustainable business. Sage UBS is now a household brand among the SMEs. It help SMEs manage their business more effectively and efficiently.It is easy to use and can be quickly implemented.

Main Modules
  • Accounting
  • Inventory & Billing
  • Payroll & HRM
  • POSplus
Basic Features
  • Auto posting
  • Instant General Ledger Result
  • Instant Financial Ledger result
  • Ability to modify or delete transactions
  • Locking facility to prevent unauthorised modifications and deletion
  • Transactions up to 18 months period
  • Easy entry of Opening and Closing stock figure
  • Omitted entries for previous month/s can be transacted easily
  • Post dated cheque entries
  • Manufacturing and Contract account facility
  • Able to certify entry made to debtors does not exceed credit limit
  • Knock Off Bill
  • Multi-Tasking Capabilities


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