AutoCount Inventory Management System consists of the core Stock Costing Engine that manipulates all daily inventory function. 
The Stock Costing Engine utilizes an on-demand costing calculation algorithm that can effectively calculate the real-time stock cost.
For those back dated transactions, you may need to run a Recalculate Stock Costing process in order to make the stock cost up to date.

In addition, AutoCount Inventory Management System provides a simple inventory management for manufacturing requirement.
With the supports of Bill of Material Maintenance and Stock Assembly, you can have a simple yet effective inventory management for your raw material and finished goods.

In AutoCount, you can keep track of stock control by batch number. 
This is usually used to keep track of same stock item, but with different batch of manufacturing date and expiry date such as foods and drugs.


Main Modules

Inventory: Stock Adjustment, Stock Issue, Stock Receive, Stock Transfer, StockWriteOff, Stock Assembly, Stock Assembly Order.

Inventory Report: Stock Card, Stock Balance, Stock Movement, Stock Item Profit Margin, Stock Aging, Stock Status, Reorder Advice, Inventory Physical Worksheet, BOM Listing, Expired Item Batch Listing, Print Bar Code Report.


Features Highlight

- On Demand Stock Costing Engine

- Supports FIFO, Weighted Average, LIFO, Most-Recently and Fixed Cost

- Multi-UOM, Multi-Location and Multi-Batch Stock Report

- Global Price Change

AutoCount Financial Management System consists of the core financial engine that handles all daily accounting and financial management requirements.
Covers the daily financial processes and provides the credit control information to Sales Management System and Purchase Management System. 
The financial data can be analyzed through comprehensive financial report as well as Multi-Dimensional Ledger Analysis.

Main Modules

General Ledger: User-definable multi-level chart of accounts,foreign currency asset/liability accounts, Cash Book Entry, Journal Entry.

Financial Report: Profit/Loss Statement, Budget report, Balance Sheet Statement, Trial Balance, Cash Flow Statement, Ledger Report, Journal of Transaction Report, Multi-Dimensional Ledger Analysis.

Account Receivable: A/R transaction entries, Debtor Aging Report, Debtor Statement Report, post to G/L directly, contra between A/R and A/P.

Account Payable: A/P transaction entries, Creditor Aging Report, Creditor Statement Report, post to G/L directly.


 Features Highlight

- Handle Post-Dated and Returned Cheque

- Triangular Currency Payment

- Import Data from Excel into Journal Entry

- Send Debtor Statement in batch by Email

You will find most of the AutoCount data is presented using a grid.
AutoCount grid allows you to group your data easily in order to have better analysis.
Can customize the grid layout, as well as export the result in the grid into several formats such as Microsoft Excel, HTML, Text, and XML, or you can print the grid result directly.
The customized grid layout can be further assigned to different users so that different users can view only certain information in the grid. 

All of the functions or modules are controlled by user access right.
Only users with sufficient access right are allowed to access the functions.

  1. Easy to use & affordable
  2. Saves time,work efficiently
  3. Speedy,reliability, and scalability
  4. Better security and authority
  5. Solutions for today and tomorrow
  6. Better business solutions
  7. Better decision making & forecasting
  8. Share data across business and applications
  9. Accessibility
  10. Flexibility 

Main Screen
When you login to AutoCount, will be presented with:

  1. Home
  2. Customer
  3. Supplier
  4. Stock
  5. Banking & G/L
  6. My Favorite
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